Lawn America Showcase Care


What is Showcase Care?

Our Showcase Care Program provides the very best for your lawn and landscape; treating them exclusively with specially formulated organic fertilizers that provide your lawn with the best that Mother Nature has to offer. Click here to request an estimate for our Showcase Care Program.

The organic humic acids contained in these organic fertilizers will provide a stronger, healthier root system, leading to a stronger turf that is more tolerant of stress and disease, has better nutrient and water utilization, and has a greener color.

Combined with quality slow-release nitrogen and other soil nutrients, we will apply this special fertilizer monthly during the growing season, giving you the best lawn possible.

Our Showcase Care Program is designed to include other valuable Lawn America optional services such as Primo growth regulator which slows the growth of your lawn to decrease mowing cycles, insect & disease control, perimeter pest control, core lawn aeration, and tree & shrub care to name a few.

How Do Payments Work With Showcase Care?

Unlike our regular 3 – 6 Step programs, we provide Showcase customers with a coupon book containing consistent monthly notes for 12 months, making it easy to budget dollars over the entire year for the lawn and landscape.

Primary Benefits of Showcase Care

  • More frequent fertilization with quality, organic-based fertilizers for a greener, healthier lawn.
  • More consistent turfgrass growth, with fewer surges in top growth (especially with the addition of “Primo” turfgrass growth regulator to your service).
  • Tree & Shrub and other optional services such as Aeration, Seeding, Perimeter Pest Control, and Turf Disease/Insect Control can be automatically provided when they’re most needed to encourage a healthier lawn and landscape.

For more information and a FREE proposal on upgrading your service to Showcase Care, click here. We’ll be happy to discuss your lawn and landscape and work with you to set up a customized program that meets your specific needs.



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